How to Save $500 on PlayStation 5 at Safeway (Part 1)

The Amazon digital coupons that have been making their way to stores across the country are a great way to save money when you’re shopping online.

Here’s how to save $500 using these coupons.

1. Save $5 at Amazon.

You’ll get $5 off the first purchase of $250 or more.

That includes digital games, movies, music, apps, games consoles, TV shows, and other digital content.


Best Buy Save $3.99 on PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 3 is available in 50, 50GB, and 500GB models.

The 500GB model is $599, and the 50GB model costs $549.

BestBuy is offering this deal at a discounted price.


Best Buys Save $1.99 at Walmart.

The discount offers this PlayStation 3 bundle for $99.

You get the game and the game console.


Toys R Us Save $2.99 from Toys R US.

The deal is available at Toys R U stores.

The $2,299 console is $799.

Toys”R”Us is offering a similar deal for $299, but it’s also getting the $100 rebate.


Amazon Save $10.99 off a new Kindle Fire HDX.

The new Kindle has a $249 price tag, and you can save $10 on the device.


Best Western Save $6.99 through Best Buy.

The savings is $6 for $100.

You also get the Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Go, and Amazon Echo Dot.


ToysRUs Save $7.49 through Walmart.

That’s $7 off the Fire HD tablet.


Amazon Get $7 from Best Buy and Best Buy Digital coupons.

You can get a $50 discount on select Best Buy electronics at participating stores. is offering $5 to $10 off select electronics at Best Buy stores.

Toys “R” Us.

Toys, Toys R, and more!


Target Save $20 through Target.

The company is offering the deal for 50% off select products.

The deals include Amazon Fire tablets, the Amazon Fire HD TV, and TVs from LG and Samsung.


Amazon Digital Deals Save $50 off a $1,000 purchase.

The store has some amazing discounts on electronics, and there are some great deals for electronics and appliances on Amazon.

Here are a few that you can get: $10 discount on new Samsung TVs, $20 off Samsung tablets, $30 off Samsung smart TVs, and $30 for Amazon Alexa-enabled appliances.

Amazon Echo.

Amazon is offering Alexa-powered gadgets for $60, and they include smart lights, smart speakers, and smart home products.


Sears Save $25 through Sears.

This Sears gift card can save you $50 on any Sears or Kohl’s product.


Target Get $25 from Target and $50 from Amazon.

The Target gift card will save you up to $50 in Target store credit on select items.

The retailer is also offering a $10 Amazon gift card, and this will get you a $25 Target gift.


Amazon Go to Walmart Get $10 from Amazon Prime members.

Get Amazon Prime and get $10 for every Amazon item purchased.

Get it here.


Walgreens Save $35 through Walmart gift cards.

This Walmart gift card is available for $25 off select Walmart items.

Walmart offers a $30 Amazon giftcard.


Toys’R’Us Save up to 50% on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphone.

The Galaxy S7 smartphone will start at $699, but you can pay $1 more for it at select retailers.


Apple Get a free pair of Beats headphones with purchase of an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

The headphones are made by Beats, which is one of Apple’s most important competitors.


Best Deals Buy Amazon and get free shipping on any eligible $10 purchase at

This includes free shipping with all electronics, including laptops, desktops, and gaming consoles.


Amazon Free 2-Day Shipping on any Amazon.

Com item.

Amazon also offers a free 2-day shipping window on its items.


Amazon Offer $50 Amazon Gift Card to a new Amazon.

Free shipping window.


Amazon $10 Off Amazon Echo and Amazon Go items.

You don’t need an Amazon account to buy these products.


Toys ‘R’ Us Free 2 Day Shipping on select Xbox One games and accessories.

These are made in the U.S. and shipped to you from Amazon, so you can spend the savings at the retailer.


Amazon Pay With Amazon Pay, you can buy products directly from Amazon using your credit or debit card.


Best Deal of the Week (September 27) Save up $100 on