BCG Digital Ventures to launch Hoopla as digital venture platform for BCG digital ventures

The digital media venture company, which has a $2.9 billion valuation, will be launching in the coming weeks, with plans to expand into other digital platforms.

“We are excited to begin this journey with our new company Hooplla,” BCG CEO and co-founder Chris Seltzer said in a statement.

“Hoopla is the next-generation platform for our media businesses and we’re excited to help them grow.”

The Hoopella team, which also includes former NFL executive Brett Favre, will help BCG expand its reach and reach across digital platforms and is also looking to expand the brand beyond its existing platforms and other media.

Hoopala will launch on both mobile and desktop, with a focus on video and music content.

The platform is currently only available for Apple devices and Google Android devices.