What you need to know about the tech powering the #UberMeltdown, and how you can avoid it.

Uber’s digital torque-wrench controversy is a topic that has dominated tech headlines over the past several months.And while the company’s response has been mixed, it’s important to remember that the issue isn’t just a tech one.It’s also a public health one.As the Associated Press recently reported, Uber has been under intense scrutiny from both regulators […]

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The biggest surprise of the week in digital lottery

3 digit lottery,digital jigsaw puzzle,digital lock,digital watch,digital camera,digital book source Business Insider (US) title What to watch for this weekend: 3D digital lottery,3D jigsaw puzzles,3DS video game,3DPrinting source Business News (UK),Digital World News (US),Digital Trends (US,China)

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When is a Playstation 5 Digital Coupon valid?

In the digital coupon world, it’s not a secret that the $50 Xbox One digital coupon code for the PS5 has been around since March 2016, but now it appears the PS4 is the first console to get a coupon.A new ad on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel has been shared by a user known as […]

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How to get a free book from Liberty to read online (free online)

How to find a free digital book from Amazon, Apple, or Google for your Kindle or Kindle Fire tablet.1.Sign up for an Amazon Prime account.2.Sign into your Liberty account.3.Find the free eBook on the left.4.Select the Free Kindle book option.5.Select “Subscribe” to the book.6.Select your Kindle device to download the eBook.7.Once you download the book, […]

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How to Buy a $1,100 Digital Camera in a Month

You’ve got a good camera.You’ve already got your friends’ cameras, but you’ve never really used them.Now that’s changing.For the first time, you can now buy a $500 digital camera.That’s the first dollar you’ll ever spend on a camera.The cost of a digital camera has plummeted by about 80% in the last year, to $1.05 billion.That […]

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Why we’re watching digital ad campaigns, too

Digital ads are on the rise in the United States, but they’re also the target of much of the ire from regulators.And they’re not helping.And it’s costing businesses.The latest: The Securities and Exchange Commission is considering a proposal that would allow businesses to run digital ads on the digital wall clocks.WSJ’s Nick Fann explains why […]

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