How to shop online using the new Flipboard app for iPhone and iPad

Recode’s Kara Swisher, Tom Hanks, and Ellen DeGeneres have a new podcast that looks at how Apple’s digital transformation could transform the way people shop online.

In this episode, the trio discuss how the Flipboard iOS app for iPhones and iPads might give consumers a more powerful and engaging shopping experience, including the potential for a better digital divide.

“Digital is the next frontier for commerce,” Swisher said.

“And I think Apple is poised to take a big step into this space.”

Hanks said the app would offer an “unprecedented” number of apps, including music, movies, sports, and more.

And DeGenere noted that the app “would be a first for a major technology company in this space, as it would be first for an app on a device that has never been seen before.”

And Swisher predicted that the company would have a big impact on how people shop, particularly if it was to make the iPhone more appealing to users.

“This is an app that can get the most people out of the device and really change how people think about digital,” Swish said.