Why you should buy a digital camera from Sony (Sony Corp.)

Sony Corp. has a new product line that’s selling well: digital cameras.

The company’s digital camera business, which includes digital cameras, compact digital cameras and camcorders, has a $100 million acquisition and has a long-term goal of selling about 100 million digital cameras a year.

The camera business is a major growth driver for Sony.

In 2014, Sony sold about 8 million digital camera units, which it says are responsible for about 60% of its global sales.

The digital camera unit market is projected to grow by 12% in the coming years, according to IDC.

Sony’s digital cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s a major player in the camera market in terms of sales, said Daniel Cottam, a senior analyst at Technavio, in a report last week.

Sony has been in the digital camera game for several years, Cottams report said.

The business is currently expanding to digital cameras as well as other formats.

Sony also sells its own camera products, like the A6000.

The A6000 was announced last year, but the company said it will continue to sell the A7000 and A6000 for some time.

Sony was not available for comment, but its CEO, Kazuo Hirai, has said that digital cameras will be the company’s next big product.

Sony Corp.’s digital camera division is a big driver for its business, said Michael Cappellari, a partner at J.P. Morgan Securities.

Sony says that its digital cameras are more reliable and better than other digital cameras sold in the United States.

It has also seen growth in other key segments.

Cappelli says Sony’s focus on digital cameras has made it one of the most valuable brands in the photography market.

Sony and other companies like Apple and Samsung have invested in developing digital cameras to make the products more affordable.

That includes making it possible to make a camera with a built-in optical image stabilization system.

Sony bought a camera maker, Meizu, in January.

Sony had a lot of competition in the business of selling digital cameras when it launched its own digital camera line in 2007, but it has seen some success.

Sony, which has sold nearly 2 billion cameras globally, had a sales increase of almost 2.5% in 2014, according a report by Bernstein Research.