“The Devil’s Brigade” sequel: A ‘Bizarre’ New Look at the ‘Borgs’ (Video)

In the new video, “The Devils Brigade,” the crew of the USS Enterprise-D heads to an asteroid and is joined by the Borg.

The first teaser trailer for the sequel revealed the new cast of characters and their respective missions.

The video shows an Earth-like planet called “Gagarin” and a Borg vessel.

In the first trailer, the crew finds a Borg drone.

In this new teaser, the Borg ship appears to be a human-sized ship.

The new trailer also includes the first image from the film.

In it, an older version of the Enterprise-E appears and introduces the new Borg.

In a second teaser, a Borg Queen appears.

The Queen introduces herself as “The Lady.”

In the teaser, an old version of Captain Archer appears and explains the new crew’s mission.

The new crew has to save the Federation from the Borg, who are planning to attack Earth.

In the new trailer, Archer introduces the crew to Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), a human woman who was a member of the crew.

Janeway and the crew must stop the Borg Queen (Lara Pulver) and her fleet before they destroy Earth.

The teaser also includes footage from the upcoming sequel, “A Time to Stand,” which will focus on the crew’s first encounter with the Borg in “Borg’s Enemy.”

The teaser also shows new footage of the Borg as they’re trying to destroy Earth from space.

The official synopsis for the new teaser reads:The new teaser trailer was released online on March 15.

It was the first official trailer to be released in a few weeks.

The film is set for a March 23, 2019 release.

It is directed by Ron Howard and stars Aaron Paul, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Sofia Boutella, Dominic Cooper, James Badge Dale, Michelle Yeoh, John Boyega, Zoe Kazan, Peter Mayhew, Michael Fassbender, Carmen Ejogo, and John Cho.