Why are the dg digital toasters so much more valuable than the more expensive dg smarttoasters?

Digital toasters are often seen as a niche device for consumers who need a small, low-cost alternative to the standard toaster.

But a new report suggests those smart toasters, which are manufactured by LG Electronics, are in fact the most valuable in the market, earning a median of $2,945 per unit.

The report says these digital toasts are selling at a premium in retail stores, and on Amazon, with the dG digital toasting earning an average price of $1,735 per unit in its second week of availability.

These toasters have been available for just two weeks in the United States.

The company says its digital toasted products are designed to work with both standard and digital digital signal processing chips.

But the company is also working on other digital chip offerings for its digital appliances.

LG Electronics did not respond to a request for comment.

According to the report, digital toast prices in the U.S. rose 2.9 per cent to $1.75, while digital signal processor prices increased 5.4 per cent.

Digital toaster manufacturers say these prices are a result of the difficulty of finding supply for new devices in China.