How to use the Digital Food Scale to determine the nutritional content of a batch of rice

India has begun a pilot of a digital food-calculator that can determine the contents of a handful of rice, based on the amount of rice consumed by a person, a food safety expert said on Wednesday.

The new system, developed by a Bengaluru-based food technology company, allows a person to choose the amount to be included in the food product and to select the quantity of the rice that will be used in the recipe, according to Rakesh Kulkarni, founder and chief executive of the Bengaluru Food Lab.

The company, known as DFT, was launched last month by the Indian government to ensure that food is prepared with high standards of nutrition.

It is also aimed at improving the health of farmers by reducing the risk of malnourishment and malnutrition among farmers, he said.

Kulkarn-Rakshasai said the DFT system will allow the consumer to choose whether to use rice as the base for a recipe or to add other ingredients such as butter or coconut milk to the food.

He added that the system is already used in India for measuring the nutritional value of different foods, such as milk and sugar.

The digital food scales can be used for measuring and calculating the nutritional contents of different foodstuffs, according an official statement from the Bengalurian government.DFT has been testing its digital food system in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, which will soon begin providing a free trial of the system to the public.

“The pilot project will provide us with a better understanding of the nutritional and health impact of different types of foodstamps, as well as the effectiveness of different varieties of food stamps,” Kulkar said.

The government has also set up a website and a mobile app to facilitate the testing.

The food and agriculture ministry said it would provide an update on the progress of the pilot in a fortnight.