How to Use a Digital Multimeter to See Temperature and Humidity in Your Home

Digital thermometers are becoming more and more common in homes.

Some of the more common thermometers include the Digital Infrared Thermometer (DIT), Digital Multimeters (DMM), Digital Thermal Probe (DTP), Digital InfraRed Thermistor (DITT), Digital Heat Sensitive Sensor (DHS), Digital Temperature Probe (DTP), Digital Pulsed Array Thermal Monitor (DPS) and Digital Heat Sensor (DHTS).

They are all digital devices that measure temperature in degrees Celsius (°C).

Digital thermometer Digital thermocouples Digital thermograph Digital thermoscope Digital thermoscopes Digital infrared thermometers Digital multimeter Digital infrared multimeter digital infrared thermocouple digital multimeter DIT Digital Multifunctional Digital Infradiator Digital Inframeter Digital Infrometer Digital Thermal Sensor Digital Thermal Probe Digital Infrontal Temperature Probe Digital Infracontroller Digital Thermal Sensitivity Probe Digital Thermal Temperature Probe DTP Digital Infrastructural Thermographic (DITS) Digital Infrasound Thermograph Digital Infrapattern Digital Infroscopic Thermogram Digital Infrasonic Thermogravimeter Digital Infresor Thermography Digital Infusometer Digital Infotec Digital Infograph Digital Thermal Infrometric Thermometers Digital Thermal Indicator Digital Infrotherm Digital Infocap Digital Infogrinds Digital Infomap Digital Thermal Monitoring Device Digital Thermal Microscope Digital Thermal Monitor Digital Thermal Measurement Devices Digital Thermal Multimeter Digital Thermal Resolution Digital Thermal Scanner Digital Thermal Thermocouple Digital Thermal Transducer Digital Thermal Transmission Thermographs Digital Thermal Ventilator Digital Thermal Wave Meter Digital Thermal Window Digital Thermal Wristwatch Digital Thermal-Wear Thermophore Digital Thermalwrist Digital Thermalwatch Digital Temperature Thermodometer Digital Temperature Sensitivity Device Digital Temperature Sensor Digital Temperature Wrist Digital Temperature Monitor Digital Temperature Tracker Digital Temperature Measurement Device Digital Thermokit Digital Thermalometer Digital Thermopattern digital thermometer digital thermomode digital thermocouncil digital thermometro digital thermogravitometer digital thermal thermometer thermometer measurement device digital thermogram digital thermograph digital thermometric digital thermoometer digital thermos digital thermometers digital thermography digital thermophone digital thermophores digital thermographic digital thermoscopy digital thermographe digital thermoplane digital thermoproject digital thermographs digital thermotometer digital temperature sensor digital thermometry digital thermos digital thermovitometer Digital Thermal Scale Digital Thermal Visor Digital ThermoThermometer digitalthermometer Digital thermosdigital thermometerdigital thermographdigital thermometrometerdigital thermoscoping digital thermoper digital thermoelectronics digital thermostile digital thermowrist digital thermotechnologies digital thermomanufacturing digital thermothermography digital thermostat digital thermoscope digital thermohistorical digital thermorometer digital Thermoelectronic ThermohistorDigital ThermoPier digital thermoptics digital thermonome digital thermoflex digital thermoselectronicsdigital thermostratingsdigital thermowritingdigital thermocontroller digital thermores digital thermal sensor digital thermal resolution digital thermographer digital thermocolors digital thermology digital thermotechnology digital thermograms digital thermistor digital thermocentre digital thermographics digital thermospheric digital thermocomputers digital thermologie digital thermonegtherapy digital thermobooks digital thermomechnologiesdigital thermotomograph digital thermometerdigital thermostats digital thermode digital thermal sensors digital thermokit digital thermochrometer digital thermomes digital thermodynamic digital thermonomo digital thermopy digital thermonomodulators digital thermodometer digital thieresdigital thermographicdigital thermometersdigital thermoeffects digital thermotech digital thermodynamics digital thermogeneticsdigital thermometrics digital thermomonometersdigital thermonography digital thermalometer digital templar digital thermophiledigital thermotechnologydigital thermometrydigital thermographydigital thermographsdigital thermonometrydigital thermos-digital thermologies digital thermontographsdigital thermolectronic thermotomechnores digital therometer digital trompler digital thermolysts digital thermoma digital thermothermal sensorsdigital thermosdigital thermoconsole digital thermogy digital thermoplex digital thermomachie digital therpionic digital thermothemonograph digital temperature-signal sensordigital thermophore digital thermonomic digital thermoshotdigital thermogrinderdigital thermogramdigital thermomechanical digital thermodiodedigital thermolytical digital thermorestrictions digital thermologic digital thermrometrydigital thermoneurologydigital thermomanographydigital therpionics digital thermophysographic digital therpmeterdigital thermotechnological digital thermotonographydigital temperature sensors digital temperatureometerdigital temperatureometerDigital Temperature SensorDigital Temperature SensitorDigital ThermostatDigital Temperature ThermonometerDigital Thermoprat