Digital Realty Stock’s digital sign PDF is gone for $25,000

The digital sign file on the digital realty business is gone.

And the business isn’t returning the digital files.

In a letter to customers and the media, Digital Realities owner Peter R. Mascarenhas confirmed that it is shutting down.

“We are no longer taking orders on the sign files and therefore no longer can be able to fulfill your orders,” Mascaresaid in the letter.

The business had been accepting orders for the sign file from customers for a month, and he said it had received “numerous” orders.

But Mascareas letter said the business is no longer accepting orders, and the files were not being scanned by DigitalRealty.

The business has said it was not aware of any problems with the files.

The letter also said the files are being sold through online auction site BidsNow, where they were priced at $25 a pop.

The sign files were sold at $50 apiece, and were intended for use in online auctions, not by customers.

But the files disappeared after the company ceased accepting orders.

DigitalRealities said it has already begun the process of contacting customers, and that it expects to have all files returned by May 1.