Recode: Apple’s biggest story in the tech world, in 30 minutes: Hoy digital

Recode is one of the largest digital companies in the world, and it has a huge digital calendar that it sells through its partners, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter.

The calendar shows every week a big tech story.

Recode’s editorial staff has been looking at the big stories on the calendar, and they’ve found that the calendar’s biggest stories are often the biggest stories of the week, according to Recode chief business editor Ryan Seacrest.

Here are five stories we learned about the calendar.


The New York Times story that launched Google Now: Google Now was a new feature of Google’s Android platform that let you set a time limit on what you can say and see to get a message back from a friend.

It was designed to make it easier to remember what you wanted to say and not forget what you did not want to hear.

But the New York time zone changed and, after the Times’ coverage of the feature, the feature was removed.


Google, Apple, and Microsoft were among the first companies to announce the creation of a virtual assistant to help people with disabilities.

The Siri interface, which debuted in 2011, is based on the technology created by Google, and the company’s own assistant, Alexa, was released in 2015.

The first version of Google Now, called Voice, is available for free on the Google Play store.


Apple announced the first version (and its first virtual assistant) of its new HomeKit smart home hub, which lets users control the lighting and thermostat of their home through a smartphone or tablet.


Amazon added Alexa to its Alexa smart home voice assistant, but did not immediately release any support for the product.

Alexa is available on most Amazon devices, including Fire devices and Echo devices.


Microsoft announced the launch of Cortana, an assistant that can control Windows 10 devices, and Windows Phones.

Cortana is available to Windows 10 PC users for free, but it has yet to make its way to the Xbox or Windows Phone Store.