How to read the new ‘The Last of Us’ trailer

The latest trailer for The Last of Weeds, the next installment in the long-running game franchise, has been revealed.

We’ve known about the game’s trailer since the release of the game last year, but it was only on January 11 that we finally got to see it.

Now, we’ve got our first look at the trailer, which includes a very different set of characters than the one we saw in the trailer for the game.

The trailer reveals that Joel is the main protagonist of the story, with a backstory that takes place before the events of The Last Of Us.

The game takes place in a fictional fictional city, New York, in which humans have been enslaved by the Natives, who are native to this planet.

As part of the plan to rescue Ellie and Joel, the game introduces new antagonists: the O.J. Simpson and his son, Jesse, who were both captured by the Osmosis gang.

Jesse was the one who killed a young girl in the game and is responsible for the deaths of his family, while the OJ Simpson is an old, wealthy family who is constantly on the run.

The gameplay is very similar to The Last.

Joel and Ellie travel through a small, snowy world that is controlled by a large and powerful entity called the Oompa-Loompas.

They’re forced to fight through hordes of Oompas, eventually reaching a giant waterfall that they’re able to climb to reach the surface.

In The Last, the protagonist Joel is able to choose between four different classes: The Chosen One, a soldier who is able, with his trusty shield, to survive on his own, and a healer who is also able to heal others.

The other two classes are The Gunsmith and the Medic, who will aid Joel and his team in their fight against the Ooma-Oompas in the city of New York.