‘Walking Dead’: ‘A Lot Like That’ and ‘Tyrant’s End’ (Audio)

With the release of Season 5, fans are able to check out the final two episodes of AMC’s zombie drama, Walking Dead: A Lot Like that.

While the first two episodes aired on October 25, the third and final one, titled Tyrant’s Edge, was released on October 29.

The audio version of Tyrant is the audio that fans will be hearing for the first time on October 31, when the audio is available for download.

In the audio, Tyreese and Rick’s relationship is tested in a scene that’s set to the music from Tyrant.

While it doesn’t provide a ton of spoilers for the series, the audio also contains plenty of the dialogue and moments that made fans want to watch the final episodes even more.

Check out the audio below and leave a comment with your thoughts on what you liked, disliked, or even didn’t like. [via]