Gas Digital Foundry: A $2 Billion Business With More Than 2,000 Employees and $9.5 Billion in Sales, Says CEO

Digital Foundries, a Silicon Valley-based company founded by a pair of former Google employees, is the largest digital supplier of thermometers and digital scales in the world, and it has been building a reputation as a leading provider of digital products.

Digital Foundrys shares have been rising recently, and the company has seen a recent surge in growth.

Digital foundries revenue grew 6% to $9,547 million, the company said Tuesday in its most recent earnings report.

Digital Resources has been growing fast.

Its revenue increased by more than 4% to nearly $4 billion in the quarter ended March 31, the same quarter that Digital Foundriers revenues increased.

Digital Products has grown by about $5 million, and has generated nearly $6.3 billion in revenue.

Digital Services grew by nearly $2 million, adding $3.3 million in revenue to Digital Foundrs revenues.

Digital Utilities grew by about 5% to more than $1.3 bn.

Digital Materials and Digital Services now make up Digital Foundriys biggest revenue source.

Digital Thermalometer, a thermometer that can measure water pressure, also is a major supplier of digital scales, thermometers, and other products.

In the second quarter of this year, Digital Thermalometers sales increased by 25% to about $3 billion.

Digital Thermometers sales grew by 28% to an estimated $2.1 billion in its second quarter, and Digital Thermal Systems sales grew to more $1 billion.

The company’s new chief executive, Daniel Stapleton, has been leading Digital Thermals growth.

“Digital Thermal has a history of building strong brands that have brought great value to consumers, and we have a lot of great plans to continue to grow our business,” Stapletas spokesman Mike Ritter said in an email.

Digital Systems revenue grew 7% to a $4.2 billion.

It’s unclear how Digital Thermal is expanding its business beyond the thermometers.

Digital Meters sales grew 16% to almost $2 billion in 2015.

Digital Properties, a company based in the Bay Area, also makes digital scales and thermometers for businesses.

The new chief, Robert Naylor, will replace Digital Foundrier head Michael Ritter, who was named chief executive earlier this year.

Naylor said he will focus on helping Digital Properties continue to scale and expand its sales.

He said Digital Properties has already begun expanding its operations to handle sales from retail, restaurants, and retail-focused businesses, and that he will continue to support the company through the rest of the year.

The sales increase was the first increase for Digital Properties in seven years, according to data from the company.

Digital Media and Digital Metering also grew 11% to approximately $1 million in the second and third quarters of this years revenue.

The growth was driven by growth in sales of digital media products, including digital media platforms, digital media channels, and digital media and media-related products, the companies said in a statement.

Digital Marketing, a marketing agency based in San Francisco, also saw growth in its digital media sales.

The revenue grew to $1,821,000 in the third quarter, up from $1-1.2 million in 2014.

Digital Solutions grew 10% to over $3 million.

Digital Brands, a San Francisco-based digital marketing company, also increased revenue by more $500,000 to more nearly $1 bn in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Digital Stores, which operates stores and online sales for companies including Walmart and Target, also expanded revenue by about 12% to its total sales of $3,037,000.

Digital Tools, a software company based out of San Francisco that sells digital thermometers to retailers, also added revenue to its digital products business by almost $600,000, according the company’s earnings statement.

A spokeswoman for Digital Foundrie said Digital Solutions did not provide additional details about the company, including how it has adjusted its revenue and growth to account for increased use of digital thermometer products.