Which blackface videos have you been watching?

When it comes to blackface, it’s a topic that’s taken on an increasing importance as the online video community’s obsession with the series has increased.

But for many, the popularity of the genre, and the fact that it is seen as part of a larger trend, means that many people are reluctant to admit they’ve watched a few.

But we asked some people to tell us about the best blackface-inspired videos they’ve seen.

What’s your favourite?

What do you think the best videos of the series are?

I love seeing these videos and it’s really fun to see how people react to them.

But what I really like is the way they’re made.

Sometimes the footage that’s made is a little too realistic, like people getting out of their cars and running around, and that’s a really cool video.

I love that.

But the best ones are when people are running through a town with a lot of people running around.

And the best of them are when they make you laugh out loud and cry out in shock and then you get to see what happens next.

That’s a great way to watch a video.

What’s your absolute favourite?

Well, the biggest thing for me, and this is the only thing I can say for sure, is that the blackface that people see is absolutely hilarious.

I mean, there’s a lot more people out there who don’t watch blackface than there are who do watch it.

I just think that’s the best way to show it.

But there are some videos that you’ve watched that are just brilliant.

They’re the ones where you’re not watching, you’re just thinking about it and the people who are out there are really funny.

And they’re funny in a funny way, too.

So yeah, I think the big thing is to be funny.

Do I love watching those?


Do you think people watch them for the jokes?


I don’t think it’s because they’re good.

Because the jokes that are being made in the videos are not really jokes.

They’ve got this real depth to them that I find really appealing.

What I love about blackface is that people are so quick to laugh and to be genuinely funny.

So if you’re a black person who’s watching, are you laughing and thinking, ‘I can’t believe that they’re laughing at me’?


Do people look at you funny?


Do you find it funny when they’re going, ‘Oh my God, she’s just so cute’?


Do people laugh at you when they see the videos?


Do they laugh at the way you’re laughing?

Yes, they laugh.

I’m laughing at you.

What is your favourite blackface video?

Well I just like the ones that are funny.

They don’t take itself too seriously.

Like when you see the black guys going through a lot and they’re wearing black and then they get up on the stage and you see them running around the stage, and then the black guy is laughing at him.

And you’re like, ‘That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.’

That’s how I like it.

And I think that it’s great that they make people laugh.

Do the people laugh?

Yeah, I love seeing that.

Do I watch the videos that have the best reaction videos?

Oh yeah, yeah.

I do, absolutely.

Do all the reactions videos get to the top of my list?

Yes they do.

Do there come a point when you just have to stop watching?

No, because I love when people go, ‘Is this what it’s like?’

I want people to go, “Oh my god, I’ve never seen anything like that!”

Do you watch all the reaction videos in the first place?

I do.

And then when the videos go viral, I’m like, “Wait a minute, that’s not really blackface at all!”

I watch all of them.

Do we know how they get to where they’re at?

I don´t know.

I don`t know if there’s any secret to it.

Do black people like it?

Yeah, I know, it sounds stupid, but that’s what people are doing.

I think it might be the same reason why a lot black people don’t get into blackface.

They think, “It’s too difficult.”

I donít think they know the difference between blackface and blackface without watching the reaction video.

Do we know that blackface was made for this reason?

Absolutely not.

There are a lot different reasons why blackface has been around, but blackface wasn’t made to be for this, and it wasn’t designed to be racist.

I hope that people doníll just see blackface for what it is and go, I have to watch the video.

So no, I donât think it will ever change my mind.