What is the impact of this election on your life?

A lot has changed in recent years, but what has not changed is the way we talk about our country.

For the most part, the public is talking about how they are angry and angry about the election and how they want their government to be responsive and accountable to their concerns.

They want their country to get back to its roots and be more like America.

But the election itself is going to change that.

The results are going to matter.

If you’re a citizen of the United States, what is your opinion of this year’s election?

This election has created a sense of uncertainty.

We are living through a time when a lot of people are feeling lost and frustrated.

It’s a time where the world is looking at us with anger and anger.

It will also affect the country as a whole.

Is this election the start of a new era?

Or is this just a continuation of the way things have been for a while?

I think it’s a good time to look at how things are.

What have we done wrong?

How did we do this to ourselves?

What has we done to others?

And I think it would be interesting to see if we can figure out what that is.

What does your political affiliation mean to you?

If I were to vote this year, I would want to vote for a Republican.

I believe the party of Lincoln was the best, because he took care of the people, he took a fair and honest approach to this country, and he really put us back on our feet.


When I was growing up, we were all farmers.

We were farmers, and we were in the country, but we weren’t a part of the nation.

We didn’t have an identity.

We just lived in our farms, we worked on the land, and I think we were proud of that.

We weren’t proud of the white men who were here in this country and who came from foreign lands and were the ruling class.

We could feel like the white man wasn’t welcome here.

And I was proud of my ancestors.

My father had a business and he owned a farm, and they raised me.

And as I got older, I was aware that my country had a history of racism.

I was not afraid of my country, I didn’t feel that I was excluded.

So, I always said to myself, “I am an American.”

What do you think of the presidential candidates?

Trump and Cruz are really two different people.

I have been around them for a long time, and you can see how different they are.

They are both very different personalities.

Trump is a racist.

He is the epitome of an authoritarian.

He thinks that the only way you can make America great is to rule the country.

Cruz is the antithesis of that, because I think he is a great leader and a great person.

I think there is a real disconnect between the two of them.

And Cruz has been doing so well in states that are really hard to win.

It is going in a really bad direction.

How do you feel about the candidates right now?

Honestly, I am really disappointed in the candidates.

There is a lot that I like about Cruz and I really hope that he is going there to do great things.

But I think his campaign is being driven by people who are not really concerned about the people of Texas, or the people who live here in Texas.

They’re really concerned with themselves and their own political interests.

And so I’m really disappointed.

I’m still waiting for the Trump thing to stop, but I hope that it does.

It could really change the way people look at the country in the future.

And if you were to go to Texas, what would you do?

Probably I would take a bus.

The people of our state love buses.

They like the idea of driving in a big white van.

I would go to a city, and my first stop would be the city.

I could pick up groceries, I could go grocery shopping, and people are just really happy about that.

I hope they get to have their cake and eat it too.

And if they want to get their coffee, they will be able to do that too.

I want to make sure that people are happy and I want them to feel comfortable and safe.